Timberwolf Night Hikes

The Program (“TWNHP”)


Our Timberwolf section meets for a night hike three times per month. We hike in the wilder places of our suburban environment, centered around far SW Portland and Beaverton.

TWNHP serves to:

  • Expand our horizons of when and where scouting happens
  • Give scouts more opportunities to meet during the month, if they are willing & able
  • Count toward the night hike requirement of the Silver Leaping Wolf badge

Hikes are announced and scheduled on TroopTrack

Our general

Stuff To Bring

  • A light – make sure your light is charged/has fresh batteries! Lights with multiple brightness settings are preferred as they can be dimmed to avoid loss of night vision. Some lights have a red lamp that helps preserve night vision.
    • It's really painful when somebody shines a bright light in your face. IF YOU HAVE A LIGHT ON, AND CAN SEE SOMEONE'S FACE CLEARLY, YOU ARE BLINDING THAT PERSON. Please be considerate 🙂
  • Water
  • A snack
  • Hiking clothes
    • Waterproof or water-resistant boots – our hikes are often soaking wet
    • Pants of a material other than cotton
    • Fleece, down, or rain jacket as appropriate to the weather
    • Warm hat & gloves if appropriate
  • Your uniform – please wear it even if it may not be visible underneath your jacket.

Volunteer Leadership & Youth Safety

Per BPSA youth safety guidelines, we must have at least two registered, background-checked BPSA leaders or volunteers with our scouts at all times. This means that we might have to cancel a night hike if we have an issue with leader availability.

To avoid cancelling any more hikes than we have to, we will attempt to find replacement background-checked adults to attend our hike. The more adults we have in our group who are registered with BPSA and have background checks, the easier we'll be able to cope with sudden changes in plans. Please consider registering yourself as a BPSA adult Rover Scout or volunteer.

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