Timberwolf Pack

DSC_9920_webThe Motto: “Do Your Best”

The Timberwolf section is for scouts age 8-11 years of age. This section’s activities are based on The Jungle Book as written by Robert Baden-Powell‘s friend, Rudyard Kipling. The games and practical activities are focused on learning is “by doing.” The overall program is similar in appearance to B-P’s original pre-1960s Wolf Cub program. The focus is on preparing the Timberwolf scout for scouting in the Pathfinder section. Timberwolves are in a Pack of 25-32 scouts, and sub-divided into Sixes of 5-8 scouts.

Section Schedule Meetings

We generally meet every other Sunday from 3:00 – 5:00 PM with occasional mid-week service activities or night hike (at leaders' discretion)

Night Hikes
The Timberwolf section has a night hike program  about once per month.

We have a backpacking program. Please check the details.

Timberwolf Uniform

  • Hat: navy blue ball style cap with the Timberwolf Badge centered on the front.
  • Shirt: ash gray long-sleeve jersey with no collar, sleeves rolled up or down
  • Pants: Either long style cargo pants or shorts of an approved color: dark blue, khaki, green or gray
  • Necker: of the group’s colors, worn with a ring or slide at the throat
  • Socks: Knee length, worn turned down at the knee with green tabbed garter showing on outside with shorts, of approved color: dark blue, khaki, green, or gray (not white)
  • Shoes: brown or black

BPSA-US also has links to get articles of the uniform.

BPSA Timberwolf Handbook – online handbook for all Timberwolf scouts


The Grand Howl with Baden-Powell

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