In Traditional Scouting, a “scout group” is the product of joining together the four official age-specific sections. This approach, common around the world, has some significant benefits: Scouts, and some leaders, progress up through the sections towards adulthood together. Brothers and sisters can scout together, sometimes in the same section and other times apart as their ages change, but always within the same overall group. 503rd parents are often able to swap drop-off duties with each other as they frequently have kids in the same sections.

503rd Spotted Owl Sections

  • Chipmunk – unofficial (ages 2-5)
  • Otter (ages 5-7)
  • Timberwolf (ages 8-11)
  • Pathfinder (ages 12-18)
  • Rover (ages 18+)
  • Auxiliary (ages 18+)

Refer to a specific Section (in drop down menu) to learn more about that program or availability to register scouts.

Pamiętaj, że w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych przysługuje ci szereg gwarancji i praw, a przede wszystkim prawo do sprzeciwu wobec Odwiedź stronę przetwarzania twoich danych. Lek można zażyć przynajmniej 1 min przed planowaną aktywnością seksualną.