Pathfinder Troop

The Pathfinder section is open to boys and girls ages 11 through 17. The emphasis is on training through hands-on, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, canoeing and backpacking. Pathfinder Troops of 25-32 scouts operate in Patrols of 6 to 8 members, led by a Patrol Leader who shares responsibility with their scoutmasters regarding activity planning, training, and discipline.

The program is based upon Robert Baden-Powell‘s book, Scouting for Boys.

Section Schedule Meetings
Pathfinders: Twice a month. Usually includes or adds an overnight trip or major service project or activity.

Pathfinder Uniform
The BPSA-US Quartermaster has a good overview of Pathfinder uniform items and patches. Note that the 55th Quartermaster stocks most of these items and there isn’t a need to order them from Texas. Registration with the 55th includes a Pathfinder handbook, all patches needed initially and earned thought the year, and the tri-color Cascadia neckerchief (when earned/invested).

  • Shirt: Safari/Bush-style long-sleeve work shirt with two front pockets (flap w/ buttons) and shoulder epaulets in slate gray.
  • Hat: brown campaign style, flat-brim, four-dent hat with leather band on the crown. A red beret, is also permitted with appropriate metal pin or patch on front.
  • Pants: Either long-style cargo pants or shorts of an approved color: khaki or tan
  • Belt: Khaki, brown, dark blue webbing belt.
  • Necker: 36″ square neckerchief of the group’s color(s), worn with a ring or slide (“woggle”) at the throat.
  • Socks: Green knee length, worn turned down at the knee with green tabbed garter showing on outside with shorts. With pants, solid dark color.
  • Shoes: brown or black



Pathfinder Handbook – BPSA-developed handbook for Pathfinder section (current draft version)

Scouting for Boys – The definitive manual for Scouts. This is the book that started Scouting. Complete with illustrations by B-P. Originally published in installments every other Wednesday from January 15, 1908. The book consists of introductions for Scouters, 28 “Campfire Yarns” for Scouts, and a summary. Keep in mind the time period of the book and know that we see this as a scouting book for boys and girls.

The Patrol System – The 1917 book by Capt. the Honourable Roland Philipps regarding the most important topic in the Scout section – the Patrol.

Golden Arrow Training Handbook – Training Manual for Patrol Leaders (1960 first edition)